HKT Premier

HKT Premier Your Home Solutions Partner. We provides tailored broadband network and smart home solutions to suit your floorplan, including automated lighting & shades, home communications, home network, home entertainment, home security, home office, home gallery, and EV charging.

As one of our select customers, a dedicated relationship managerwill arrange for service professionals from various services to provide the necessary support to meet your needs.

# 10G refers to the network specifications of NETVIGATOR 10G Fiber-to-the-Home broadband service in respect of the broadband line connected from the modem on your premises to the first piece of NETVIGATOR network equipment or central office. The actual speed experienced using the services will be less than the network specifications and affected by your device, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage levels, international bandwidth, extraneous factors as well as other factors mentioned in the terms and conditions which are available to customers when considering service subscription.
^ Home Wi-Fi performance depends on factors such as size of apartment, layout of premises, nature of construction materials and extraneous factors, as well as area of coverage specified by the customer.
Δ Not for medical, healing and medication purposes. The information and health data are for reference only.